COAST 2015-16 Graduate Student Research Awards


The call for applications for COAST Graduate Student Research Awards is now open. Awards of $3000 will be made to CSU graduate students working with CSU faculty members on marine, estuarine, coastal and coastal watershed related research projects.

See for the full announcement and required forms. Application deadline: Monday October 26, 2015, 5:00 p.m. PDT

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


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California Native Plant Society Intern Position

Please see the attached description for a new paid internship position opening up with the California Native Plant Society Vegetation Program.



CNPS Job Memo_VegProgram_Sep2015.pdf

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Environmental Scientist position with Cal Dept of Fish and Wildlife

Dear Larry and Mark,

Here we go again. The last announcement produced a small candidate pool, so I’m re-announcing. Please forward this email to your career center and whomever might be interested.

I have a vacant Environmental Scientist position on the Diet and Condition Study, part of the Young Fish Investigations Project (see link below, same as attached).

This is a high profile position in the local science community that will use several long-term fish and zooplankton datasets to investigate the causes of a pelagic fish decline and the reasons for continued low recruitment. I’m looking for someone with a MS degree, experience with and aptitude for data manipulation/management using MS Access and possessing good statistical and writing skills. There should be good opportunity for advancement as well.

The deadline to submit applications and statements of qualifications (supplemental question) is September 10, 2015.

Also, CDFW no longer uses the Biologist classification, so those interested in working in marine or freshwater fisheries should take the Environmental Scientist Exam. The Bulletin is located at:

Thanks for your assistance in developing a good candidate pool!


Randall Baxter

Senior Biologist Supervisor (Fisheries)

Bay-Delta Region 3

2109 Arch-Airport Rd., Suite 100

Stockton, CA 95206

(209) 234-3483



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For Future K-12 teachers

Dear Faculty,

I am attaching a flyer for a scholarship possibility and also attaching the following links below. If you feel your students might be interested in any of these opportunities (and yes they may mean some extra money) please share with them either by announcing in class or emailing them to your students. Also keep these programs in mind, sometimes you run across a student that might be thinking about teaching as a career and we certainly have ways to support and guide them. Thank you for your help in getting the word out. If you or your students have any questions please feel free to email me and either I can answer or put them in touch with the right person.

Here’s hoping everyone has a restful spring break. Best, Gini Vandergon


· Free CSET Preparation Workshops for Future Science and Math Teachers Free 38-hour CSET Test Preparation Workshops. You may be eligible for a stipend of up to $750 once you are admitted to the program. You may be eligible for a stipend of up to $1000 upon issuance of a science or math credential and additional benefits.

· NSF Robert Noyce Scholarship (up to $12,000/year) – The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program seeks to encourage talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors and professionals to become K-12 mathematics and science teachers. The National Science Foundation awarded CSUN a Noyce Phase II grant, which will provide funding for CSUN students interested in math and science teaching.

· Science Education Credential Program – There is a strong demand for science teachers in the state of California and throughout the nation. Our records show that during the past 28 years, more than 99% of those completing the credential programs in science have found jobs as science teachers. The demand for math teachers is very strong as well!

· Science Education Masters Degree Program – CSUN offers one of the biggest and best science education masters degree programs in the state. Our next cohort is starting in Fall, 2016.

· Math Education Masters Degree Program – CSUN offers one of the biggest and best math education masters degree programs in the state. Our next cohort is starting in Fall, 2016.

· Educational Technology Masters Degree Program – CSUN offers one of the biggest and best educational technology masters degree programs in the state. Our next cohort is starting in Fall, 2015

Please share these opportunities with those who might be interested!

Dr. Virginia Oberholzer Vandergon


Dept of Biology

18111 Nordhoff St

Northridge, CA 91330-8303



Noyce Flyer.doc

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New Internship Opportunity in Cooperative Education

Good Afternoon Science Faculty,

(Please pass along to your students as you see appropriate. I appreciate your assistance)

The Cal Poly Pomona Cooperative Education program is happy to announce a new internship opportunity for students. The Metropolitan Water District is seeking (2) two Microbiology/Biotechnology/Biology students for their Science Intern Positions. The internships will take place at their La Verne facility. These positions begin on June 22 and end in December 2016. Positions are part-time and pay $15 per hour.

If students are hired, they must enroll in a Co-op/Internship course every quarter/semester for the duration of their internship. Students must consult with their faculty advisors to ensure they enroll in the appropriate course and satisfy any requirements set by their university. Typically courses are 1-2 units, independent study or project based, whatever is recommended by the advisor.

These positions are open to all Cal Poly and Non Cal Poly undergraduate students. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at (909) 869-3434.

Thank You and Have a Great Day,

Thelma H. Fuentes

Cooperative Education Coordinator

Cal Poly Pomona

3801 W. Temple Ave. 1-318

Pomona, CA 91792

Tel (909) 869-3434

Fax (909) 869-4396

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Paid field internship (starts immediately)

Chris Huntley (former CSUN grad student) at Aspen Environmental Group just contacted me about a paid temporary field internship that starts immediately.

He is looking for a few people to assist with burrowing owl surveys in Southern Calif’s high desert. No specific experience with owls or other birds is necessary. ​

If you are a hardy and observant field biologist, then this could be a great opportunity. You’ll make a little $$, gain some real-world experience, and get your foot in the door of a possible career in environmental consulting.

He needs people for this project now.

So, if you’re interested, contact Chris ASAP (today!!):

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Environmental Scientist Position Available with the Calif. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

​Greetings Dr. Allen:

I have a vacant Environmental Scientist (ES) position on the Native Fishes (a.k.a. Delta Smelt) Project, with a final filing date March 19, 2014.

The selected ES will be co-leading three annual field surveys (Smelt Larva Survey, 20-mm Survey, and Spring Kodiak Trawl Survey) that determine the abundance and distribution of Delta Smelt and Longfin Smelt. These surveys can provide new fishery biologists the foundations of field sampling techniques and opportunities for complex data analysis and publication for those candidates who have advanced skills and experience.

Please pass this information on to all who may be interested. Candidates should take the ES exam (online, continuous filing) before the final filing date and submit an application per the instructions. Applications are sent to our Napa office and forwarded to me, but if there are any questions about the position, please contact me.

Here is the link to the ES Exam Bulletin:

If someone took the State of California ES exam before April 2014, they will need to take it again, as the previous list was abolished in April and scores were not transferred to the new list. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) no longer uses the Fishery and Marine Biologist series, so anyone interested in fishery or marine biologist jobs with CDFW should take the ES exam.

Appreciate your help with passing this announcement to interested candidates.


Robert “Bob” Fujimura

Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Bay-Delta Region

2109 Arch-Airport Road, Suite 100

Stockton, California 95206

209-234-3485 Office

209-639-2686 Cell

209-234-3455 FAX

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